erin’s blog for nina

Posted in Uncategorized by Erin Dollar on December 13, 2009

i know. i KNOW. it’s been almost a month since i posted. i have been working. working hard. at least, it feels like i have been working hard. i feel like this print by anthony burrill pretty blatently gets across everything i am trying to do right now. i worry sometimes that i am not making much progress in life, but when i think about it, it wouldn’t be such a terrible thing just to work hard and be nice to people. a life well spent, at least if i get to keep working hard on things that i like and that interest me. i might need to try harder at being nice, though.

after looking at the artist’s signature, i wonder if i should just start signing my name as a scribble. i just need to find the perfect scribble first.

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